Oct. 29 2017, Bill Salus at 412 Church in San Jacinto, CA

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understand timesCome to the 412 Church Prophecy night in San Jacinto, CA. Bill Salus will be speaking on his latest Bible prophecy discoveries in Zechariah 12:1-6. CLICK HERE to read Bill’s related 2-part article on the subject.

PART TWO: Jerusalem a Cup of Drunkenness to the Arabs

In Part one of this two-part study, Jerusalem was explained to be a burdensome stone to the nations. Part two underscores what happens to the surrounding Muslim nations in Zechariah 12:1-6. These Arab states falsely and forcibly contest Israel’s biblically endorsed sovereignty over Judah and Jerusalem. Part two explains how land for peace diplomacy will fail and the prophesied Psalm 83 Mideast war will prevail. Zechariah explains how this war will combine supernatural intervention, which will disable the Arab nations ability to wage this war and enable the IDF to win this war![…]

PART ONE: Ancient Prophecy Predicts Jerusalem will Intoxicate the Arabs and Burden the Nations

Part 1: A Burden to the Nations…Zechariah the prophet predicted that a future day would come when the Arabs would besiege Jerusalem and the international community would intervene and become burdened by the Arab-Israeli conflict. This two-part article looks at Zechariah 12:1-6 to see if that day has arrived. Part one will deal mostly with the warnings to the world, especially as it relates to America, whereas part two will narrow the focus down to the surrounding Arab nations that share common borders with Israel. Part-two will explain how the Arab-Israeli conflict concludes prior to the seven-year Tribulational Period.[…]

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