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Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is with those who uphold my life. — Psalm 54:4


This holiday season, what better way is there to express your heart for the Lord and your love for the lost, than to share God's gift of Bible prophecy. The Bill Salus book and DVD collection is a great way to do this. Partner with Prophecy Depot Ministries for $50 or more dollars a month, or make a one-time donation of $100 or more and we will send you the entire Bill Salus books and DVD's collection. (Make donation down below)

As we turn the page on 2017, we enter the “Year of the Fig Tree Generation.” 2018, marks the 70-year anniversary of the rebirth of the nation Israel on May 14, 1948. The Bill Salus prophecy collection will navigate you and your loved ones through the Bible prophecies that are ready to happen NOW! The stage is presently set for the fulfillment of multiple Bible prophecies and one or more of them could find fulfillment in 2018! These powerful predictions will affect Americans at home and abroad because the prophecies of the last days are all globally impacting.

Many of the prophecies explained in this timely collection are about to roll off their ancient parchments and pound down onto the pavement. Psalm 83 predicts the final Arab-Israeli conflict. The prophecy of Elam appears to explain what the future holds for Iran’s nuclear program. Ezekiel 38 enlightens us about the futures of Russia and Turkey. What about the future for America? The explanations to these prophecies and many others are all provided in this comprehensive books and DVD’s collection.

Partner with Prophecy Depot Ministries this Christmas and let's start the new year off united in our cause to share God's gift of prophecy with others. Let's continue to discover what prophecies we and our loved ones need to learn about and prepare for. Understanding these ancient foretellings will enable all of us to use Bible prophecy as an evangelical witnessing tool. The world is inundated with the secular worldview, but this collection explains the biblical narrative and the prophetic perspectives of current world events.

Please join us at Prophecy Depot Ministries as we further advance the Kingdom of God, by sharing His precious gift of Bible prophecy. We greatly appreciate your heartfelt generosity.

If you feel that the Lord is leading you to join the Prophecy Depot Ministry Partners Program, please send your gift to the address below, or visit our contact page to learn how to donate through PayPal online. You can also call us at the phone number below.

Prophecy Depot Ministries is an approved 501c3 non-profit ministry so all your offerings are tax-deductible..

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Or make a one-time online contribution in the amount of your choosing. (For a $100.00 or more offering, you will receive the entire Bill Salus collection).