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Nuclear Showdown in Iran, The Ancient Prophecy of Elam

Nuclear Showdown in Iran, The Ancient Prophecy of Elam

Missiles cloud Mideast skies over the Persian Gulf. Iran shuts down the Strait of Hormuz. Arab oil is choked off to world markets. Hezbollah and Hamas launch scores of missiles into Israel. Terror cells initiate cycles of violence in America. Global economies begin to collapse.

Radioactivity permeates the skies over Bushehr’s nuclear reactor. Countless Iranian’s hastily seek refuge into neighboring nations. The Arabian Gulf becomes a cesspool of contamination. Desalinization plants can’t process the polluted waters. A humanitarian crisis burgeons out of control. A disaster of epic biblical proportion has finally arrived in the Middle East!

About 2600 years ago the Hebrew prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel issued parallel end times prophecies concerning modern-day Iran. Today the rogue country is becoming a nuclear nation and aggressively advancing its hegemony throughout the greater Middle East.

Nuclear Showdown in Iran, The Ancient Prophecy of Elam is a non-fiction thriller taking the reader on a journey of discovery through the eyes of the prophets and the minds of today’s key national players.Can anything good come from the evil that is about to befall us? The ancient prophecy of Elam will reveal what God has ordained, what the prophets saw and what you need to know and do now.


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PSALM 83, The Missing Prophecy Revealed � How Israel Becomes the Next Mideast Superpower

Psalm 83 The Missing Prophecy Revealed

An ancient prophecy written over 3000 years ago reveals that the Arab states and terrorist populations, which presently share common borders with Israel, will soon confederate in order to wipe Israel off of the map. These enemies of Israel are depicted on the red arrows upon the book cover image, and their mandate is clear:

They have said, "Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more." (Psalm 83:4).

Psalm 83 predicts a climactic, concluding Arab-Israeli war that has eluded the discernment of today's top Bible scholars, and yet, the Middle East stage appears to be set for the fulfillment of this prophecy. While many of today's top Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and several other countries are going to invade Israel according a prophecy in Ezekiel 38, this timely book explains how Psalm 83 occurs prior. Discover how Israel defeats their ancient Arab enemies, and why Americans need to stand beside Israel in this coming war!

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America and the Coming Mideast Wars!

America and the Coming Mideast Wars!

According to ancient Bible prophecies a series of Mideast wars are coming and America plays a vital part in these apocalyptic battles. Will the USA support Israel and be divinely blessed, or will America put the Jewish state into harm's way and come under divine judgment?

AMERICA AND THE COMING MIDEAST WARS is a DVD that cuts to the biblical chase of what currently matters most in America and the Middle East. This important work incorporates two timely PowerPoint teachings and a series of television interviews by Bill Salus that explain the most relevant Bible prophecies for our time.

"THE FUTURE FOR ISRAEL, IRAN AND THE ARAB STATES," is the first lesson, and it points out that Israel is the victor of a climactic concluding Arab-Israeli war predicted over 3000 years ago in Psalm 83. It also identifies the prophecies concerning the desolations of Egypt, Syria, Iran, and many other countries currently dominating the Mideast news.

"AMERICA'S ROLE IN THE COMING PROPHETIC WARS," is the second teaching that explains America's crucial role in the Psalm 83 war, the Ezekiel 38 Magog invasion, and the Armageddon campaign of the Antichrist.

"BONUS DISC" The bonus DVD includes five TV interviews with Bill Salus that present additional information about the coming prophetic wars of the Bible.

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Revelation Road, Hope Beyond The Horizon

Revelation Road, Hope Beyond the Horizon

You are invited on a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Enjoy a thrilling novel and a non-fiction commentary ripped from today's headlines and the prophecies of the Bible. The modern world has been thrust into a time of chaos and uncertainty. Iran's nuclear threat; the Arab Spring; the toppling of long-ruling despots and the power vacuum left in the wake; Israel's security under attack from hostile powers abroad and wavering support here at home.

Modern dangers? Yes, but calamities foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago. Revelation Road explains the events occurring on our darkening horizon and their Biblical significance. America's economic house-of-cards and political instability, the Rapture of the Church and the void created by its disappearance and the subsequent rise of a world religion. Experience the End Times and the perilous journey of the final generation through the eyes of the Thompson family.

Bill Salus has crafted a unique novel with a non-fiction biblical commentary that serves as an eye-opening herald call to all believers and non-believers alike!

Read Revelation Road and ask yourself, "What would you and your family do?"

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Psalm 83 The Missing Prophecy Revealed

Psalm 83 The Missing Prophecy Revealed DVD


This powerful 3 DVD series contains 3 of the most revelatory teachings, complete with instructional images and maps, from Bible prophecy expert, Bill Salus. These 3 DVD's are all included in one package.

Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38, Which is the Next Middle East News Headline?
The ancient Psalm 83 prophecy has mysteriously eluded the discernment of many of today's top Bible scholars. The prophecy identifies an Arab confederacy that wants to wipe Israel off of the map. Many Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, and several other countries are about to invade Israel according to the prophecy in Ezekiel 38, but Bill Salus displays the multiple reasons why Psalm 83 could be the next Mideast news headline!

The Future for America in Bible Prophecy
In this timely teaching video, Bill Salus tackles the tough questions such as: Is America in the Bible? Why was the United States a blessed superpower? Has America abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage? Is America being judged? What is America's future? This analyzes all of the arguments and explains why Bill believes America can be found in Bible prophecy.

The Roots of the Mideast Conflict
The present hostilities experienced in the Middle East between the Arabs and Jews can be traced to a disposition of hatred, originating almost four thousand years ago. In this teaching video, Bill Salus explains how the ancient family feuds between the Middle East patriarchs and matriarchs are the underlying roots of today's Arab-Israeli conflict. Find out what nations were formed from their loins and why their descendants still covet the rich content of father Abraham's unconditional covenant.

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Psalm 83 - Put to the Test

Psalm 83 - Put to the Test

Prophecy Depot Ministries is excited to offer "Psalm 83 - Put to the Test". It is a radio interview that has been professionally mastered in the KWBB studios and made into a CD audio for your listening pleasure.

In this radio program, the hosts, Doug Hamp, and David Lehman, put Psalm 83 to the test by asking Bill Salus all the tough questions about the Psalm. Questions like:

Is the Psalm merely a prayer?

Was the Prophecy already fulfilled?

Was it fulfilled in the 1948, 1967, 1973 Arab Israeli wars?

Is Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 the same event?

Is Psalm 83 part of Armageddon?

Bill believes that Psalm 83 is both an imprecatory prayer and a Bible prophecy, and that it predicts a climatic war that concludes the Arab-Israeli conflict. A massive Mideast conflict that appears to be imminent!

The show was scheduled to last only one hour, but Doug and Dave kept asking Bill many provocative questions, which added an additional hour to the show.

Psalm 83 - Put to the Test CD $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Order your copy today!

Psalm 83 What Pastors Need to Know DVD Video

Psalm 83 "What Pastors Need to Know" DVD Video


Prophecy Depot presents a DVD video called "Psalm 83 - What Pastors Need to Know" This DVD was sent to over 2000 American Pastors. It features Bill Salus on several TV interviews answering all the important questions about the Psalm 83 prophecy.

Now you can include this in your personal video library for the price of $15.95. Upon viewing this DVD, you will be on your way to becoming an expert on what could be the next coming Bible prophecy. This video should convince you that the concluding Arab - Israeli war predicted in Psalm 83, is about to find final fulfillment.

The DVD menu enables you to navigate through the 5 specific segments included within the DVD. These five segments are listed in order below.

#1 - Psalm 83, Past History or Future Prophecy (Christ in Prophecy TV)
#2 - Is America in Psalm 83?
#3 - Psalm 83 Puzzle Pieces
#4 - The Prophetic Picture of Psalm 83
#5 - How to get the Psalm 83 Book & DVD

Psalm 83 "What Pastors Need to Know" DVD Video $15.95 plus shipping and handling. Order your copy today!

The Coming Global Transformation

The Coming Global Transformation

Prophecy Depot is pleased to present our newest end times resource. The audio drama called The Coming Global Transformation is sweeping through prophetic circles arousing an enormous interest. Bill had the opportunity of consulting with the producers Jim Tetlow and Brad Myers on scene 13, "War in the Middle East," and scene 14 called "Psalm 83 / Isaiah 17." In light of the Palestinian U.N. bid for statehood, these two episodes are a must hear if you want to know what could be happening next in the Middle East.

Jim Tetlow and Brad Myers agree with Bill that the Middle East is about to go apocalyptic causing catastrophic world events to spiral out of control. What are these events? How will they affect your lives? And, how soon until they come? The Coming Global Transformation addresses these and many other last days' concerns.

The Coming Global Transformation CDs $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Order your copy today!