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Russia, Iran and Turkey in the News, is it Time for Ezekiel 38?

In this Prophecy Watchers television briefing below, Bill Salus explains the prophetic implications of the emerging world powers of Russia, Turkey and Iran. Does this imply that the 2600-year-old prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is poised to happen. Does the Israel described in Ezekiel 38 exist today? Is Israel dwelling securely without walls, bars or gates? […]

Oct. 30, 2016, at Lakeside City Lighthouse Calvary in Coeur “d” Alene

Come hear Bill Salus at Calvary Chapel of Grants Pass, Oregon on October 16, 2016. Bill will be revealing the ancient predictions that could find fulfillment at the present time.  Click the image to get more information about this event.

Sept. 11, 2016 Commemorate 15 Years After 9/11 at “412 Church”

Come commemorate the 15 year anniversary with Pastor Tom Hughes and Bill Salus at Calvary Chapel at Calvary Chapel 412 Church of San Jacinto, CA on September 11, 2016. Pastor Tom will be interviewing Bill Salus about the prophetic implications of current global events. Admission is FREE and the service begins at 5:00 p.m. Click […]

The Great Psalm 83 Debate: Thomas Ice and Bill Salus

Many Bible prophecy experts like Hal Lindsey, Dr. David Reagan and Chuck Missler believe that Psalm 83 is an important prophecy for our time. Others, like Dr. Thomas Ice and Dr. Mark Hitchcock believe the Psalm is primarily a prayer of lament and not necessarily a prophecy. You are invited to watch a televised debate […]

Does Psalm 83 Set the Stage for Ezekiel 38?

This article is revised from the December 3, 2009, article of the same name. Current Mideast rumblings have many eschatologists revisiting a prophetic psalm that had been vastly overlooked. It’s the 83rd Psalm and it discusses the formation of a ten member Arab confederacy destined to someday seek the utter destruction of the nation Israel. […]

White House Correspondent and Prophecy Expert Speak About Current Events

White House correspondent Bill Koenig and Prophecy Expert Bill Salus explain the geo-political and geo-prophetical perspectives of current world events. The mainstream media provides the political, military, secular views of current chaotic world events, but they do not provide the biblical and prophetic perspectives. However, that’s exactly what Bill Koenig and Bill Salus present in […]

October 16, 2016 “Now Prophecies” at Calvary Grants Pass, OR.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS. Image says the date is August 14th, but the date is October 16, 2016.

Look What’s Coming NOW As America Further Renounces Christ!

Sexual Sin! Abortion! Removing God and Prayer from the Schools! Idolatry! Adultery! Every perversion under the sun! Does the list really end? No; It only gets bigger! America has finally said goodbye, as a nation, to Jesus Christ. America wants to serve Satan. And now, Hell has arrived! America has straight armed God out of […]

Explosive New Information Emerges, The Realities of Now!

Watch this Lyn Leahz YouTube interview with Bill Salus below. The show reveals timely relevant information that you need to know NOW!. The show concludes with a touching personal testimony from Lyn Leahz about her personal abortion challenge. Lyn and Bill share their thoughts about the biblical view about abortions. Here are some of the […]

Brexit, Islamic Antichrist, Roman Empire, Ten Kings, Gog of Magog War & More!

Derek Gilbert from View From the Bunker interviews Bill Salus about several important unfulfilled Bible prophecies. Questions asked include: 1. What is the prophetic relevance of BREXIT? 2. Will the Antichrist be a Muslim? 3. Will there be a Revived Roman Empire? 4. Who are the 15 participants in the Gog of Magog war in […]