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The Biblical Indictment of America (Video)

SHOULD AMERICANS STOP PRAYING for the USA, which has now crossed every forbidden biblical boundary? Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14 and 14:11 points out that a wicked nation can reach a point where the Lord will no longer listen to the prayers of its people. Over the past 6 decades America has forsaken God and now the […]

The Biblical Indictment of America (Article)

World history confirms what the Bible boldly declares: The establishment and future of a city, territory, nation or empire, is determined by the Lord. Concerning the creation of a nation, we are told in Acts 17:26, “And He (God) has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of […]

Now Prophecies on AM 980 Talk Show Radio

Listen to Bill Salus on AM 980, the “ON THE WAY” radio show with host Paul Ridgeway. Paul asks Bill about the NOW Prophecies to be on the lookout for at the present time. A few callers phoned in and asked Bill some questions. A couple of the questions are below. 1. Do you think […]

Dreams, Visions, and the NOW Prophecies

Supernatural evangelism is taking place in these last days. People throughout parts of the world are experiencing dreams and visions now. These miraculous events are leading people to the Lord and, in some instances, instructing people in the Lord. This phenomena appears to be related to an ancient prophecy in the book of Joel, which […]

Summer Special! Psalm 83 & Nuclear Showdown in Iran $9.99

We are offering a bundle book combo package that reveals two of the top biblical prophecies for our time! Psalm 83 deals with the concluding Arab-Israeli war and Jeremiah 49:34-39 predicts a disaster in (Elam) Iran. These are the two bestselling books that put the Psalm 83 and the Jeremiah 49 Elam prophecies on the […]

Is The United States of America REALLY in Biblical Prophecy?

For generations Christians have debated about the U.S. being involved in prophecy. The Josh Tolley Show (watch below) interviews Bill Salus about his point of view …is it yours? This interview features The NOW PROPHECIES book and DVD BELOW IS A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE SHOW World history evidences what the Bible boldly declares: The […]

The NEXT Prophecies vs. The NOW Prophecies

PROPHECY WATCHERS TV interviews Bill Salus about the topic of “THE NEXT PROPHECIES.” This 13 minute Prophecy Watchers Update broadcast can be watched below. In THE NOW PROPHECIES book Bill Salhus categorizes all remaining unfulfilled biblical prophecies into three categories. These are the NOW, NEXT and LAST prophecies. …………. The NOW prophecies lack any significant […]

Prophecy in the NOW’S; Televising the ones for YOU!

Is the time for mere table talk about Bible prophecies over? Are several prophecies about ready to happen NOW, at the present time? Prophecy in the News TV interviews Bill Salus in three TV shows about his new bestselling book entitled, The NOW Prophecies. Watch all three programs below. PART ONE 1. Categorizing the NOW, […]

The Ezekiel 38 Connections to Psalm 83 and America

Southwest Prophecy Ministries interviewed Bill Salus about his NOW Prophecies book and DVD in a two part radio show. PART ONE discusses the following topics; 1. INTRO OF BILL SALUS INTO MINISTRY WITH THE HELP OF CHUCK MISSLER. 2. GOOD EXPLANATION OF THE CONTENT AND IMPORTANCE OF THE NOW PROPHECIES BOOK AND DVD. 3. EXPLANATIONS […]


THIS TV SHOW IS A MUST WATCH FOR EVERY AMERICAN CHRISTIAN! Has America reached a dangerous point where the Lord will no longer hear any intercessory prayers on its behalf? This happened to the Southern Kingdom of Judah and led to its destruction around 586 BC! The Lord told the prophet Jeremiah three times in […]