OPERATION ISRAELI FREEDOM: Part One – Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends

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Welcome to a three – part Bible prophecy study regarding the coming border expansion of Israel, expiration date of the Islamic religion, and the end of terrorism. Part one addresses the coming expansion of Israel. On a near horizon is the dawn of a new era, bringing with it an enlarged and supercharged Jewish State. The tiny Middle East nation, presently struggling to maintain sovereignty over approximately 8000 sq. miles, is about to face off with two Goliath-like prophetic episodes. Victory over the coming events, described in Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39, will catapult the nation Israel into Superpower Status!


According to Bible prophecy, Israel will soon be forcibly thrust into a massive war. Provoked into its own “Desert Storm” conflict, by the Arab nations listed in Psalm 83, Israel will launch a military campaign that will make the American led “Operation Iraqi Freedom” pale in comparison. OPERATION ISRAELI FREEDOM, as I refer to it, will go down as one of the most successful military campaigns in world history. The Israeli conquest is assured, and in partial fulfillment of Genesis 15:18, the Jewish State will enlarge its borders into portions of Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. In the aftermath, the following events are foretold to occur:

1. The Border Expansion of the Jewish State.
2. “Exceedingly Great” Status Awarded to the Israeli Defense Forces.
3. The Establishment of Detention Camps for Arab Prisoners of War.
4. Divine Reinstatement of the Jews as “My people Israel”.
5. Achieved National Security for the Jewish State.
6. The Aliyah (Migration) of Additional Jews to the Middle East.
7. The Exploitation of Arab Lands, and Resources (Great Plunder and Booty).
8. The End of the Ancient Arab Hatred.

Details of these aftermath events, supported by numerous scriptures, are presented in the “Exceedingly Great Army” chapter of my new book, ISRALESTINE – The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East, available on our products page.

Psalm 83 is an event likely to occur within the next one to two decades. It is a prophecy describing an Arab coalition comprised of Palestinians, Syrians, Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, and associated terrorist entities, like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al – Qaeda. These populations, referred to by their ancestral equivalents in the Psalm, convene and converge in a war strategy aimed at the final elimination of the Jewish State. They [Arabs] say, “Come, let us wipe them [Jews] out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!” (Psalm 83:4, NRSV)

Psalm 83 Arab Confederacy

Scholars tend to agree that history has not witnessed the final fulfillment of this Arab – Israeli war, suggesting it looms in the not so distant future. Collectively the surrounding Arab nations, inclusive of their terrorist bedfellows, will come against Der Judenstaat (German – The Jewish State) in a genocidal effort of their own. This Arab confederacy will leave Israel no option but to unleash OPERATION ISRAELI FREEDOM. In fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, the world will likely witness Damascus go up in smoke, as the I.D.F. will be forced to pull the trigger on its best – kept secret weapon!

Jeremiah 12:14-17 GOD’S ROADMAP

In America’s zeal to maintain stability in the “Cradle of Civilization”, its leadership has implemented compromising foreign policy endangering both Jews and Arabs alike. Forcing the nation Israel to sit at a negotiating table with those opposed to her existence is not Biblically endorsed. Israel is destined for a period of prosperity and border expansion, and current proposals by the Bush administration calling for the cessation of, or evacuation from, Jewish settlements will fail and likely bring about adversity to America. Warning signs may already be in place, such as Hurricane Katrina, increased tornado and flood activity, the mortgage lending crisis, and record – breaking Real Estate foreclosure rates.

Pre-existent foreign policy, spelled out in Genesis 12:3, is designed to bless those who support Israel, and curse those who resist. This divine prescription for dealing with affairs between Jews and Gentiles was never abandoned, and is fully operational at present. Additionally, in accordance with Genesis 15:18, the Jews, who Gentiles are to bless, are promised land extending from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River of Syria and Iraq. The International community has allotted Israel only a small fraction of this holy land for their homeland. This unjust infringement is comparable to forcing Americans to reside in the tiny state of New Jersey, even though they are deserved of the landmass from “Sea to Shining Sea”, the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

Blueprinted in Jeremiah 12:14-17, and divinely implemented in the 20th Century, is God’s Roadmap Plan for Peace in the Middle East. His plan calls for the Palestinians to leave Israel and resettle in the lands of their ancestry. He promises a fertile future to those Arabs who obediently adhere. His Roadmap plan further requires that the Palestinians, and their Arab cohorts, support Israel, abandon their Allah worship, and turn their affections toward Him, Jeremiah’s God, Jehovah. If they fail to do all the above, then a severe reprisal will be levied for their national disobedience: “But any nation who refuses to obey me [Jeremiah’s Jehovah] will be uprooted and destroyed. I, the LORD, have spoken!” (Jeremiah 12:17, NLT; emphasis added)
Digesting all of the above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1. The Psalm 83 nations will confederate against Israel in non-compliance with God’s Roadmap plan.
2. Present American Middle East peace efforts will fail to prevent an Arab – Israeli war.
3. The Arab states listed above are destined for divine judgment.
4. Israeli Defense Forces will shock the world with a show of superior strength.
5. The Jewish State will expand its sovereignty over captured Arab soil.
6. The world will witness Israel become one of its wealthiest nations.
7. Peace in the Middle East will be achieved militarily rather than politically.

*Author presumes the terrorist organizations listed in article participate in Psalm 83
** Map designed by Lani Harmony www.gallery3nine.com


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