Mighty Muscles Flex in the Mideast

on Thursday, June 24, 2010 by

Matthew 24:6 says there will be rumors of war in the end times and current Mideast matters are definitely supporting this prediction. If you put your ear to the ground and eye to the press you can hear the battle cry shouts and observe the deployment of soldiers, heavy military equipment, and deadly arsenals in the Holy Land. Christ, apparently quoting Isaiah 19:2, further prophesied the coming of end time’s regional conflicts; “kingdom against kingdom”. (Matt. 24:7)

Mideast muscles flex, sabers rattle, and news reports roll off mainstream presses almost daily suggesting Christ was right and Jordan’s King Abdullah’s April 17, 2010 warning of a summertime Mideast war may not be farfetched. Echoing Abdullah’s wartime sentiment, Syrian President Bashar Assad recently declared the following in a BBC interview on 6/17/10:
(Click here to read Assad’s comments and this aritcle including BBC video of Assad interview.) The article conclues with Bill’s thoughts on the end time prophecies regarding Iran in Jeremiah 49:34-35 and Ezekiel 38 & 39.


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