Prophecy Experts Expect Christian Rapture Soon!

on Friday, March 26, 2010 by

The Bible declares Jesus Christ is coming to elope with His bride, the Christian Church. In a “twinkling of an eye”, without warning, millions of born again Christians are going to vanish. This imminent event could happen at any moment. How will the world function when myriads of its citizens suddenly disappear?

This week on the Prophecy Update Radio program, host Bill Salus interviews a panel of prophecy experts about the Rapture and other related end time’s topics. The panel consists of Terry James, Don McGee, and Daymond Duck. This prophecy panel takes an in-depth look at the Rapture event and evidences why the momentous event could occur immediately without delay.

Terry James is the author of 19 prophecy books and co-founder of, the world’s most visited prophecy website. Daymond Duck, is the author of “the Book of Revelation, the Smart Guide to the Bible series”. Don McGee is the founder of Crown and Sickle Ministries.

All three of these individuals are internationally recognized for their end time’s expertise. This two part interview is riveting and informative.

upper (Picture of Bill, Terry, & Don Dallas Pre-Trib Rapture Conference)
lower (Picture of Bill & Daymond Christmas in Dallas at Pre-Trib Rapture conference)

Part two includes a panel discussion about the fallen angelic principalities that Christians deal with daily.

Listen Now to Part One

Listen Now to Part Two


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