Answer America

on Friday, January 7, 2011 by

Al Gist, Dr. David Reagan, Bill Salus and Dr. Jobe MartinThis week on Prophecy Update Bill Salus interviews Pastor Evangelist Al Gist regarding America’s critical condition. Having departed from its sacred roots, the United States is experiencing the effects of divine remedial judgments. Twin towers have toppled, category 5 hurricanes have hit, mortgages have melted down, and major banks have gone belly-up. How can Americans resurrect a change throughout the land?

Al Gist delivers an important message of Hope for America. He reminds the listeners of the historic lessons learned through Judah at the time of King Hezekiah. The Judean king inscribed his kingdom needs in a letter and submitted it to the Lord. Find out how Hezekiah’s letter entreated the Lord to spare Judah.

(Picture taken at Answer America conference. Left to right Al Gist, Dr. David Reagan, Bill Salus, and Dr. Jobe Martin)



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