Stakelbeck on Terror TV: Part Two (Egypt’s Future)

on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by

CBN News TV host Erick Stakelbeck interviews Bill Salus about the Ancient Psalm 83 Bible prophecy. In part one, Erick asks Bill to give an overview of the prophecy and to identify the modern day equivalents of the Arab populations the Psalmist refers to 3000 years ago.

In part two, Erick and Bill discuss the timing of Psalm 83, and why it precedes the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. Moreover, this interview discloses the distinct differences between the climactic concluding Arab-Israeli war of Psalm 83 and the Russian-Iranian-Turkish led coalition of Ezekiel 38.

EGYPT – In the second half of this TV program Erick Stakelbeck posits the questions about Egypt’s future according to prophecy. Bill Salus points out that Egypt is about to undergo a civil war that seemingly burgeons into the Psalm 83 regional Arab-Israeli conflict. Moreover, Egypt becomes governed by a cruel “NEW PHARAOH.” Ultimately Egypt experiences a severe economic and religious collapse.

This may be one of Erick and Bill’s most fascinating TV shows together.

Click HERE to watch PART TWO now.

Click HERE to watch PART ONE now.


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