Video: 3 Friends, Kinsella, Koenig & Salus discuss “Times of the Signs”

on Saturday, March 8, 2014 by

Shortly before Bible prophecy expert Jack Kinsella passed over to be with the Lord in 2013, the Zola Levitt Presents TV show captured an interview with 3 good friends. Myles and Katharine Weiss host interviews with Jack Kinsella, White House correspondent Bill Koenig, and author Bill Salus

The (late) Jack Kinsella declares we are now living in the “time of the signs.” Journalist Bill Koenig shows the bias against Israel at the United Nations. Bible prophecy expert Bill Salus foresees a coming Arab-Israeli war based on Psalm 83.

For many years, Jack Kinsella was the script writer for the Hal Lindsey Report TV show. These three friends warn that Israel is the super-sign of the end times and that America needs to be blessing Israel in these “Times of the Signs.”


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