The Prophetic Perspective On World Events

on Saturday, November 5, 2016 by

soaring eagleIn this broadcast of the Soaring Eagle Radio Show with Mike Spaulding, Bill Salus explains the importance of the prophetic perspective when it comes to understanding current world events. Topics that Mike and Bill discuss include,

1. The Now Prophecies – which can happen at the present time,
2. Jeremiah’s Elam prophecy about a nuclear disaster in Iran,
3. Ezekiel 38 Psalm 83 – The concluding Arab Israeli war,
4. The decline of America – Locating America in Bible Prophecy,
5. Is America in Ezekiel 38 – The Merchants of Tarshish and their Young Lions,
6. Is God revealing His wrath against America in Romans 1:18-32?

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