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Did you know, some of the Tribulation is actually prosperous, peaceful, and happy? Today, we talk with Bible Prophecy expert, radio host, and author of The Now Prophecies, The Next Prophecies, and the latest book in the series, The Last Prophecies. Bill Salus, welcome back to A View From the Wall.

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SEGMENT ONE [intro to Prophecy series, judgment, Tribulation]
Bill welcome back to the program. Last time you were on the program, we discussed the Now Prophecies and the Next Prophecies. We have many new Watchmen who weren’t here for that first discussion. Give them a brief introduction to the series.

Q1: As an author, I like that you have an audience in mind for this book when you wrote it. Who is this book written for?
Q2: You believe, and so do we, that Christians are removed in the Rapture, an event which happens before the Tribulation. Possibly hundreds of millions of people will suddenly disappear. How does that affect the world and how does that fit in the Tribulation scenario?
Q3: You are the first or one of the first to teach on the Gap Theory. Explain what gap we’re talking about and how that fits into the Tribulation events.
Q4: You share the Gospel in several chapters. You talk about how people can escape the coming Tribulation judgments. In all our talk about Bible Prophecy, we cannot forget it’s not about the doom and destruction. This is ultimately the story of salvation and redemption isn’t it?

OUT: In every great story there is a villain, and none more evil than the one in Revelation – The Antichrist, the Beast, inhabited by Satan himself. We’ll talk about that villain when we return on A View From the Wall.

SEGMENT TWO [Antichrist and Tribulation Salvation]
We’re joined today by the author of The Last Prophecies, Bill Salus. Bill, who is this character the Antichrist and what is he doing during the Tribulation?
Q5: Satan has always planned to defeat God’s plan. He frequently mimics and twists what God does, so it’s not surprising what happens to Antichrist at the midpoint of the Tribulation. Talk about that.
Q6: Antichrist is responsible for mass-murder in Revelation. You talk about three specific periods of Tribulation martyrdom. What are the differences?

Let’s talk about 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12. “And with all delusion of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason, God will send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. That they all might be condemned who did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

Q7: Some teach that Paul was saying those who have heard and rejected the Gospel before the Rapture, will be left behind, and will not be able to be saved after the Rapture. Others say anyone who hears the Gospel can be saved, even during the Tribulation. What’s your view?

OUT: What about people who get saved during the Tribulation? What happens to them? You don’t want to miss the answer. We’ll be back with Bill Salus on A View From the Wall.

SEGMENT THREE [Terminal Generation]
We can only imagine some of the world conditions during the Tribulation. Some are spelled out for us. Many would have been impossible to imagine 50 years ago, but now we take them for granted.

Q8: Let’s talk about the technologies of the Last Days. What role does technology play in the Tribulation and even with the Antichrist?
Q9: In chapter 4, 5 and 6 of The Last Prophecies, you talk about the Terminal Generation. We’ve had several other guests on the program – Jan Markell, Amir Tsarfati, and Jack Hibbs talk about that idea. Explain what you mean by “Terminal Generation?”
Q10: As last days Watchmen, we are unique among Bible generations. We have the advantage of seeing thousands of years of prophecy fulfilled. With all that knowledge and advance warning, this Terminal Generation has a very high calling. As we close out today’s program, talk to our Watchmen about their role and unique responsibility as members of the Terminal Generation.

OUT: We have to wrap up today’s program with Bill Salus, but you don’t want to miss next week because we will be talking about where we see Watchmen in the Tribulation. Join us next time on A View From the Wall.
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Q12: Why is the Tribulation split into 2 halves? Is there anything significant about 3 and a half years?
Q13: We believe in the imminent return of Christ – Your first 2 books describe all the fulfilled prophecies. There’s no reason Christ could not return today. Does that mean the Antichrist is already somewhere on Earth today?
Q14: When people talk about end times, they think of Revelation, but much of our understanding of the Tribulation actually comes from the book of Daniel written 2600 years ago.


SEGMENT ONE [re-intro books, major themes]
If you’re a Watchman and a student of Bible Prophecy or you just want to be able to answer questions about the end times in your church small group, you need the series of books by our guest Bill Salus: The Now Prophecies, The Next Prophecies, and The Last Prophecies. We’re excited to welcome Bill Salus back to A View From the Wall.
If you missed last week with Bill Salus, you can listen to that program on SoundCloud or online at iamawatchman.com. Bill, last week you introduced the latest book in the Prophecies series – The Last Prophecies. This is 19 chapters Bible Prophecy basics about the last seven years of planet Earth as we know it.
Q1: This is foundational stuff for many of our Watchmen, but for those who may be new to Bible Prophecy, let’s define some terms we use all the time, but may be unfamiliar to some listeners. What is the Tribulation, and what do we mean by Judgments?
Q2: Let’s ask the questions some listeners are thinking: Believers have been raptured and won’t experience these prophecies, so why should they care about what happens during the Tribulation?
Q3: You describe the 144,000 and TWO witnesses. What is the difference between the 144K and the TWO witnesses? Talk about those 2 – Who are they, and what do they do?

OUT: We can’t talk about the witnesses without discussing what Revelation 9:4 calls “The Seal of God.” When we come back, we’ll talk about the seal of God, and the seal of the Antichrist – the Mark of the Beast. Stay with us on A View From the Wall.

SEGMENT TWO [the seal and witnesses]
Welcome back to A View From the Wall. We’re enjoying week two with Bill Salus, author of The Last Prophecies.
Q4: Bill, we left the last segment with several questions: What is the Seal of God? Who has it? Does it shield believers from these judgments? How does the seal contrast to the Mark of the Beast? Tackle those in whatever order you like.
Q5: People during the Tribulation will need to know how to obtain the seal. When you were writing this book, did you consider that they might actually read this book and find that answer?
Q6: So, the 144,000 witnesses spark a world-wide revival. Would it be accurate to say these witnesses are Watchmen?

OUT: It’s fascinating to think that the last seven years of the history of Earth was actually written by Daniel over 500 years before Christ was born, and now it’s today’s news. We’ll talk more about those final prophecies when we return on A View From the Wall.

SEGMENT THREE [time to share the Gospel]
There is no greater proof that the Bible is God’s inspired word than fulfilled Bible Prophecy. We’re back with Bill Salus, talking about The Last Prophecies – the events of the Tribulation.
Q7: We typically end each broadcast with a word of challenge and encouragement to our Watchmen, but this is a unique opportunity for those who may have heard these 2 programs about the Tribulation and right now, they’re just scared because they know they aren’t ready, they don’t know Christ. Bill, what should they do?
Listeners can order the book series at Prophecy Depot Ministries.NET

Q8: There is a lot of imagery in Prophecy. Revelation talks about stars falling from the sky into the ocean, giant scorpions, how do we know what is literal and what is John describing 21st century events in 1st century language?
Q9: The Harlot of Revelation, Mystery Babylon, Harlot World Religions, some believe it’s talking about America because of incidental symbols of rivers and commerce and apostasy. What or who is the Harlot of Mystery Babylon?
Q10: The word “mystery” gets thrown around a lot in discussions of prophecy, and it can be misused, but it’s a valid description of many of these topics. Talk about the idea of mysteries.


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