Significant Intervals of 50 years

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In 1867 Sir Charles Warren conducted the first major excavation in Jerusalem. He discovered a water shaft (now known as Warren’s Shaft) and many tunnels underneath the Temple Mount. He mapped the orientation and length of the temple walls.

On Dec.11,1917 General Edmund Allenby dismounted (out of respect for the Holy City) and walked into Jerusalem through the Jaffa Gate to accept the surrender of the Turks.

In the six day war of 1967 Israel captured East Jerusalem, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount. This action united the Holy City and for the first time in almost 2000 years the Jews had Jerusalem as their own city.

I do not know what will happen in 2017, but it seems to me that it will involve the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and by consequence the Jewish people because God will not forget His city. What do you think?



Dan, your comments are significant points of history. 2017 will probably be an interesting year in the Middle East because between now and then something is going to bust at the seams. Israel doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for diplomatic resolutions to their existential threats.


Bill Salus


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