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Revelation Road, Hope Beyond The Horizon

I’ve been studying Bible prophecy for 20 years, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better, more creative presentation of this all-important subject than Bill Salus’s new novel and extensive biblical commentary, Revelation Road. This unique format could become a writing formula for the future! The storyline is believable and engaging, and the bonus for the reader is the impeccable,absorbing research that has become a hallmark of Bill’s writing. I enthusiastically endorse this book and encourage you to give copies to those in your circle of influence. You will thoroughly enjoy the story, exhaustive commentary, and the evangelistic heart of the author!” — Jim Fletcher, WORLD NET DAILY book reviewer

You can view the topics taught inside the Revelation Road commentary through the “Companion’s Commentary” table of contents below.


Chapter 1Iran Prepares for the Apocalypse!

Topics Covered: Can the Future of the Middle East be Known?

Overview of Psalm 83

Chapter 2Troublesome Times on Humanity’s Horizon

Topics Covered: Basic Introduction to the Tribulation and the Rapture

The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies

The Gap Hypothesis

Chapter 3— Tribulation Generation

Topics Covered: End-Time’s Christian Survival

End-Time’s Christian Denial

The Final Generation has been Pre-appointed

Faith’s Final Frontier

The Two Types of Last Days Christians

Humanity’s Last Day’s Heart Condition

Chapter 4—Israel Comes Under Multi-front Attack!

Topics Covered: The Mideast Stage is Set for the Apocalyptic Wars

The Text of Psalm 83

The Potential for Psalm 83 Israeli War Casualties

The Three Trains of Thought on Psalm 83 Israeli War Casualties

Chapter 5— Panic in Damascus

Topics Covered: Isaiah 17—The Destruction of Damascus

Chapter 6—There’s Trouble in Tehran and Destruction in Damascus

Topics Covered: The Destruction of Damascus

The Attack Against Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Jeremiah 49:34-39 Commentary

Historical Overview of Jeremiah’s Elamite Prophecy

Iran Fiercely Angers the Lord

The Future of Iran

The Lord Establishes Authority over Elam

Chapter 7— Israel Attacks Iranian Nuclear Sites

Topics Covered: Why Iran’s Absent from Psalm 83

Iran is Persian and Psalm 83 is Arab

The Dual End-Time Prophecies of Iran

The Bleak Future of Islam

Chapter 8— Arabs Unite to Fight—Is it Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 or Armageddon?

Topics Covered: It’s Not Armageddon, Yet

What is Armageddon, Anyway?

The Armageddon, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38 Distinctions

Why Satan Hates Jews

The Destruction of Damascus Creates a Harvest Field

Bible Prophecy is a Christian Witnessing Tool

Chapter 9—The Final Arab – Israeli War!

Topics Covered: When Diplomacy Ends, War Begins

The Ancient Arab Hatred of the Jews

The Ezekiel 35 – Psalm 83 Connection

Ezekiel 35 and Author Commentary

Why the World Rejoices When Israel Wins

Who is Ezekiel 35 Identifying as Mount Seir?

Why Ezekiel 35 is Not an Armageddon Event

What is the Glorious Land of Daniel 11:41?

Chapter 10— The Russian-Iranian Nuclear Connection

Topics Covered: Ezekiel 38-39 Overview

Where on Earth is the Church, God’s People Presently, at the Time of this Event?

Chapter 11— Terrorists Attack America Again!

Topics Covered: Will Terrorist’s Attack America Again?

Islamic Extremists Identify America as the Great Satan

America Slips from Superpower Status, According to Bible Experts

The Primary Views About America’s Location in the Bible

America Experiences Divine Remedial Judgments

If Remedial Warnings Go Unheeded, Divine Judgment Results

Chapter 12—The Arabs Surrender!

Topics Covered: The Timing of the Rapture

The Pre-Psalm 83 Rapture

The Pre-Ezekiel 38 Rapture

Why Ezekiel 38 is Probably Pre-Trib

Replacement Theology

Israel, God’s Modern Day Miracle

More Psalm 83 Details

Chapter 13—Israel, the Next Emerging Market

Topics Covered: Arab War Casualties from Psalm 83

The Post-Psalm 83 Greater Israel

Israel’s Great Booty Includes Arab Spoils of War

Jordan Surrenders Sovereignty to Israel

The Faithful Jewish Remnant of Israel Flees to Southern Jordan

The Protestors of Ezekiel 38:13

Chapter 14—Greater Israel Makes Plans for a Third Temple

Topics Covered: Israel Expands Territorially Into Arab Lands

Israel Dismantles the West Bank Barrier Wall

Millions of Jews Return to Israel

Israel Constructs Third Jewish Temple

Israel Reinstates Animal Sacrifices

Chapter 15—Russia Forms an Evil Plan to Invade Israel

Topics Covered: Gog’s Evil Plan

Gog Gathers Formidable Friends

Gog’s Plan is Strategic

Boycott Israel by Blockading Important Waterways

The Lord Proves He is a Promise Keeper

Chapter 16—The Christian Exodus into the Clouds

Topics Covered: Christians Are Caught Up into the Clouds

Christians Escape the Wrath of God

The Bride of Christ and the Jewish Wedding Models

Is the Rapture Pre-Trib or Pre-Wrath?

Chapter 17—After the Rapture, the World Gets Religious

Topics Covered: After the Rapture, the World Gets Religious

The Coming Evacuation!

The Coming Counterfeit Religions

The Strong Delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:11

The Three Competing Wills: God’s, Satan’s, and Man’s

The Counterfeit Gospel—The Lie

The Rapture Profoundly Affects America

Chapter 18—Left Behind, the Heavenly Love Letter

Topics Covered: Many Left Behind Will Receive Christ

The Righteous Sheep Gentiles

Introducing the 144,000 Witnesses of Revelation

The 144,000 Witnesses Are Post-Rapture Saints

The 144,000 Witnesses Are Jews for Jesus

The Message of the 144,000 Future Jews for Jesus

The New Testament Mystery of Grafting in Jews and Gentiles


Appendix 1.     The Final Century—Christian Survival versus Pagan Revival

Appendix 2.     The Three Types of Tribulation

Appendix 3.     When Will Damascus be Destroyed?

Appendix 4.     Is Ezekiel’s Army About to Face Off with the Arabs?

Appendix 5.     Divine Vengeance—The Israel Defense Forces in Bible Prophecy

Appendix 6.     Ezekiel: Israel’s Dry Bones Can Fight

Appendix 7.     Those Surrounding Israel to be Devoured!

Appendix 8.     Palestinians to be Forced to Israel’s Borders!

Appendix 9.     Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38: Which is the Next Middle East News Headline?

Appendix 10.   Psalm 83: Has It Found Final Fulfillment?

Appendix 11.   Is Ezekiel 38 Imminent?

Appendix 12.   Israel Strikes it Rich Someday!

Appendix 13.   Is the Church Identified in Psalm 83?

Appendix 14.   The Treasured Ones of Psalm 83

Appendix 15.   Is Egypt in Psalm 83?

Appendix 16.   Is the Arab Spring Setting Up for a Winter War?

Appendix 17.   Blockade the Waterways; Gog of Magog’s “Evil Plan”

Appendix 18.   Iranistan, The Coming Shiite Crescent

Appendix 19.   The Fallible Assumption of Mary

Appendix 20.   The Sinner’s Salvation Prayer

Appendix 21.   Old Testament Allusions to the Rapture—by Jim Tetlow

Appendix 22.   I Will Set Egyptians Against Egyptians

Appendix 23.   Jordan to Soon Sever Ties to Israel

Appendix 24.   The True Content of Antichrist’s False Covenant

Appendix 25.   Egypt’s Forty Years of Desolation

Appendix 26.   Images


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