Unique way to study End Times Prophecies

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I was honored to get the pre-publish manuscript to this book. If you have had a chance to read “Isralestine” Bill’s first book, and found it interesting, you will find this one equally interesting and informative. Bill uses a combination of a pseudo-fictional novel – main characters are fictional but many other characters, some events and the scripture quoted are real; combine with a pretty in-depth study of those scriptures mentioned in the novel part of the book. It is a great way of allowing folks to see how scriptures that are sometimes hard to grasp, such as End Times prophecies, might come to fulfillment in real world ways, based on current events. It also gives the reader a quick view of how many eschatologist view world events through prophecy.

The First part of the book is the fictional novel, then the 2nd half of the book is the commentary part that examines the scriptures referred to in that particular chapter of the novel. I found the novel part riveting and the commentary part very well done and does a great job of examining the scriptures in the given Chapter. Each Chapter in the novel part has associated chapter(s) in the Commentary part of the book. If you are a student of Bible Prophecy, this is a must have, in my humble opinion. If you are NOT a student of End Times Prophecies, you need to check this book out, as I think you will find it very helpful in understanding current events from a Biblical point of view. I really think regardless of how versed you are in eschatology(study of End Times Prophecies), you will find a great deal of enjoyment in the novel part of the book, as well as find the commentary very informative. I am looking forward to the 2nd volumne in this series! If you are a student of Eschatology and don’t have a copy of Bill’s first book, “Isralestine: Ancient Blueprints to a Future Middle East”, that too is a must have for your library!

By M. Beardsley (West KY, USA)


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