Bill Salus on the Hagmann & Hagmann Report

on Monday, May 19, 2014 by

hagmann 2On this show the Hagmann’s ask Bill Salus to broad brush the prophetic implications of current world events. The coming end time Bible prophecies are explored and put into sequential order. Bill Salus introduces his new book about the coming nuclear disaster in Iran, that appears to be predicted in Jeremiah’s ancient prophecy concerning ELAM.

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Topics discussed include:

• Russia’s bid to reemerge as a superpower (Ezekiel 38).
• Iran’s nuclear program (Jeremiah 49:34-39).
• The collapse of Mideast peace talks (Psalm 83 & Jeremiah 12:14-17).
• Syria’s revolution (Isaiah 17).
• America in the Bible (Ezekiel 38 protestors).
• The Return of Christ (the Rapture and Second Coming).
• The condition of the Christian Church today.
• The Tribulation Temple in Jerusalem.
• Are the Blood Red moons significant?


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