The LORD is LIVID with IRAN!

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vid 13About 2600 years ago the LORD informed Jeremiah the prophet that HE was livid with Iran. Jeremiah 49:37 informs of this fierce anger. This verse also announces that Iran’s western border, by the Persian Gulf, will be the location of an epic biblical disaster. This impending catastrophe comes as a result of a severe judgment from the LORD!

During Jeremiah’s time the LORD was not LIVID with Iran, but the prophecy appears to be for today. Presently, the LORD is deeply disturbed by Iran’s rogue ruling regime and their atomic aspirations. Jeremiah 49:34-39 issues a vastly overlooked prophecy that western scholars are just now beginning to discuss. However, millions of Iranians and now many British citizens are familiar with this ancient prediction. The prophecy declares that Iranian leadership will be prevented from launching dangerous missiles somewhere, but where?

You are invited to listen to a recent Prophecy Update radio program, hosted by Bob Mitchell of Shofar Ministries, which recently aired in the U.K. about Jeremiah’s Iranian prophecy. This program will explain Jeremiah’s entire prophecy and explain why the LORD is LIVID with IRAN!

UK REV TV MitchellClick on the Links below to watch the 3- parts Bob Mitchell and Bill Salus Revelation TV interviews from the past.





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