What is the most amazing prophetic development today? (Video)

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Some 18 Bible prophecy experts answer that very question! The interviews were held at the annual conference called the PreTrib Study Group. This is a group of Bible prophecy experts who are united in their belief that the Rapture of the Church will occur before the Tribulation begins, thus the term “Pre-Trib.” Read or watch below.

Christ in Prophecy: The Most Amazing Prophetic Development from Lamb & Lion Ministries on Vimeo.

Andy Woods, Sugar Land Bible Church

There are so many things to pick, but the one that captures my attention is the regathering of the Jews into the land. Sociologists and so forth tell us that when a nation is separated from its homeland that within a couple of generations it losses it’s cultural distinctiveness and language. And here we are 2,000 years after the scattering of Israel, and they are right back in the land, exactly as God said.

I like to ask people, “How many Jebusites do you know?” The Jebusites are mentioned in the Bible, but they got absorbed into other cultures, but not so the Jews. So, to me, this is very powerful.

Gary Fisher, Lion of Judah Ministries

The restoration of Israel, without question. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden with a curse on the earth, and God promised that He would redeem that curse one day through a group of people. They are the Jewish people.

In the interest of that, God sent a Jewish Messiah to offer a plan to the world. That Jewish Messiah has temporarily been suspended, but He is at the right hand of God the Father. He is going to come back to this earth with a redeemed Jewish people who say, “Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai” meaning “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

The restoration of Israel is a sign that those people in Israel today are preparing to say that very thing. I cannot wait! I’m going to be there in a glorified body to help them say it.

Bill Salus, Prophecy Depot Ministries

At the top of my list is the rebirth, regathering, and continuing expansion of the nation of Israel. To me that proves that God is still in the miracle business.

The nation of Israel is a miracle. It is a greater miracle than the parting of the Red Sea. As a matter of fact, we were told in Jeremiah 23:7 that a time will come when the Jewish people will no longer say, “As the Lord lives who brought us out from Egypt, but as the Lord lives who led the descendants of Israel out from the north country, and from the south country, from the corners of the world, into Israel.”

The regathering that we are seeing going on right now since the rebirth of the nation in 1948 is phenomenal! The Lord had to do these incredible things, He had to create the Zionist inclination within the Jewish people. He had to get rid of the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled over the region, so there could be a land of Israel. He had to defeat the Nazi regime that wanted to prevent the return of the Jews into Israel. He had to empower the Allies to defeat the Nazi regime. He had to legislate through the United Nations the partition plans so the Jew could be a nation in Israel.

You can see that this is a big, big miracle. God had to lift up the Israeli Defense Forces to defend the nation so its prosperity could stay. He is going to prosper them again as well. This is a major miracle because we know at some point Russia is going to come in Ezekiel 38 & 39 to take Israel’s prosperity.

A lot of events are going on and converging, but I think the rebirth and regathering of Israel is at the top of my list.

Jobe Martin, Biblical Discipleship Ministries

The most amazing is the fact that of everything that is going on right now, the key is the Jewish people are back in the land. I think all of these end time events are supposed to start happening when the Jewish people get back in the land. And, we are seeing almost everything as the Bible describes indications that Christ’s Second Coming is near, which means the Rapture is even closer.

So, I would say the Jewish people regathering is the most amazing prophetic development. People back in Hitler’s day thought the Antichrist was here, but he wasn’t. The Jew wasn’t back in the land yet, but now we see everything coming along exactly as it is described in the Bible.

Don Perkins, According to Prophecy Ministries

I would say the nation of Israel. But, I want to say it in this light. We are witnessing an amazing event. Zechariah 12:2-3 talks about how in the later days Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone to the world. In other words, it would be unstable. The unstableness of that region again is before us.

The Bible also says that the nations of the world would literally come against Israel. I think that is one amazing prophecy that is literally coming to pass today before our very eyes. You see the nations, even America, are turning against Israel, but that is prophecy as well.

The Bible says that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. When we pray that prayer, we are literally praying for Christ to come back to stabilize that region.

Al Gist, Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is definitely the focal point of the whole of the Bible, including Bible prophecy. But, when we look more specifically at Bible prophecy, it’s always about Israel. Israel is the focal point of Bible prophecy.

Perhaps the greatest miracle of the last century was the regathering of the Jewish people to their homeland and becoming a nation in 1948, then recapturing Jerusalem in 1967. All of this was prophesied in the Bible. I would have to say that Israel continues, and will always be, the focal point of Bible prophecy, even to this very day.

There are a lot of things going on in Israel and around Israel that are related to Bible prophecy. When we look at the neighbors of Israel — Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon — all of those countries are moving more towards a much more Antisemitic stance toward Israel. This is probably in the stage-setting part of fulfillment for maybe the Psalm 83 War.

Certainly the national ties that are being developed in the Gog-Magog coalition of nations, between Iran and Russia, in these last few years have become so strong with the ongoing conflict between the international community and with Iran and her nuclear program. The conflict has only strengthened the tie between Iran and Russia, and so we see that developing.

We see in Turkey, which is of course will be a major part of that Gog-Magog Coalition of nations, we see how they are leaving their Western ties and moving more towards connections with Russia. Turkey has for a number of years been trying to get into the European Union, but they have never been able to accomplish that. Now, in just the last several years, they have a very strong Muslim leader, Prime Minister Erdogan, who has lead the nations to leave its secularist government and move to a much more form of a Sharia Law type government, a more Muslim type government, which again means that there is more hatred toward Israel. Turkey is moving away from that Western alliance and moving much towards an Eastern alliance.

Along with Turkey I think with Iran and Russia we are seeing the coalition of the Gog-Magog nations. We could go on. We could talk about Libya. We could talk about you know those ‘Stan nations which are the ex-Soviet bloc nations such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and those nations that will be involved in the Gog-Magog War.

All of this is coming together simultaneously, perfectly setting the stage for what the Bible says is going to happen. I think that’s pretty exciting that we can live to see this unfolding.

David Hocking, Hope for Today Ministries

I would answer what’s going on in Israel is always the most amazing prophetic development in the world today. There are many prophecies that gives us multiple signs, but to me the most amazing development is still Israel. Everything God said about Israel is coming true in that land. What we have to do is just sit back for a moment and look at all the things that have happened in Israel.

Ed Hindson, World Prophetic Ministry

I think the most amazing prophetic development in the world today is that God is moving incredibly in the nation of Israel. God is not only continuing to defend His ancient people and their right to the land, but He is also opening their hearts to the Gospel.

Tim LaHaye and I had the privilege just a few years ago to be in Israel. We preached to 2,000 people in a rally in Tel Aviv. We saw 40 people accept Christ as their Savior. I’m just thrilled with the freedom of religion that is allowed there and the openness to the Gospel. Many of the people that are living in Israel are realizing they need a personal relationship with God Himself, and the only way to have that is through the person of Jesus Christ who is the Messiah over all people, Jew and Gentile alike.

Tim LaHaye, Tim LaHaye Ministries

The most amazing miracle is Israel going back into the land in our lifetime. I have lived to see Israel recognized as a nation by the United Nations under incredible odds.

Jesus beheld Israel with the symbol of a fig tree, using the parable of the fig tree. I’ve gone back in history and found three biblical passages that prove the fig tree has been used as a symbol for Israel in the Old Testament, or a parable.

Now we have the main theme of the coming of Christ is Israel coming back into the land, and it is coming like a crescendo in our day and age. Who is behind it? Satan the archenemy of Jesus Christ and the Father. Everything that we Christians stand for Satan hates. He hates the Jews and he is doing everything he can to thwart them and to hinder Bible prophecy. Anyone who takes the Bible literally can see that. Those who don’t take the Bible literally are in real serious trouble.

In the second and last segment concerning what is the most amazing prophetic development in the world today, the rest of our panel of Bible prophecy experts will continue to give their learned opinions.


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