The NEXT Prophecies vs. The NOW Prophecies

on Friday, April 29, 2016 by

PROPHECY WATCHERS TV interviews Bill Salus about the topic of THE NEXT PROPHECIES.” This 13 minute Prophecy Watchers Update broadcast can be watched below. In THE NOW PROPHECIES book Bill Salhus categorizes all remaining unfulfilled biblical prophecies into three categories. These are the NOW, NEXT and LAST prophecies.

now propheciesss………….near prophecie

The NOW prophecies lack any significant preconditions, which means they could happen at the present time.
The NEXT prophecies have preconditions that prevent them from happening now. They need the fulfillment of some of the NOW prophecies to occur to set the stage for their fulfillment.
The LAST prophecies have significant preconditions, which require the fulfillment of the NOW and some of the NEXT prophecies to be fulfilled beforehand.

The NOW Prophecies is the #1 Bestseller in the history of Prophecy Watchers TV. Watch the TV update below.


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