2017: Apocalyptic Anniversaries with Prophetic Possibilities!

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leahzYouTube sensation Lyn Leahz interviews Bill Salus about the Apocalyptic anniversaries that will occur in 2017. Due to the prophetic revelations that Bill shared with her, she titled the show, “A Shocking Revelation Has Just Been Released Proving We ARE the FINAL Generation!


Lyn Leahz begins her show by saying,

“Just when Christians believed they escaped the biblical Mideast wars brought on from the Blood Red Moons and the global economic chaos from the mysterious Shemitah year, brand new concerns have arisen in 2017! The new year is filled with apocalyptic anniversaries with potential prophetic implications. Could this be a year that one or more ancient prophecies finally find their fulfillment? Let’s explore this possibility.”

The Apocalyptic Anniversaries and their Prophetic Possibilities!

Let’s identify the most important apocalyptic anniversaries of 2017, and then connect their biblical applications along with their potential prophetic implications.

1. The 100-year anniversary of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1917. This prepared the land of Israel for the return of the Jewish people.

2. The 50-year reunification of Jerusalem from 1967. This paved the path for the construction of the Tribulation Temple in prophecy.

3. The 500 year-anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The Pope will commemorate this anniversary as part of the Catholic Church’s campaign to ecumenically embrace other religions. This sets the stage for the Roman Catholic Church to be the Harlot world religion of Revelation 17.

4. The 100 year-anniversary of the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions. The apparitions of Mary are demonic and will likely be used by Satan to establish the Catholic Church as the global world religion of the Harlot in Rev. 17.

5. The 70 year-anniversary of the Partition Plan of Palestine. In 1947 the UN approved resolution 181, which called for the rebirth of the nation of Israel. This paved the way for the return of the Jews back into their ancient homeland. Many prophecy experts believe that the re-establishment of the Jewish state is when the world hour-glass made its final turn and the end times clock began ticking.

6. The 3500 plus years of the year of Jubilee in Leviticus 25. The year of Jubilee is when the Jewish people and the land of Israel are to be released from all debt and servitude as a display of complete trust in the Lord.

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