“Bill Salusisms” From a Psalm 83 Bible Study

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Hello, Bill

I just finished a Bible study teaching from your book “Psalm 83”. I concluded the study with a list I called “Bill Salusisms”, a list of quotes from the book that I thought were particularly well said and thought-provoking. (See these “isms” below). The class really enjoyed them and each one started a whole new discussion on the subject. I decided to send them to you with sincere thanks for all you do in the subject of Bible Prophecy. We are currently starting your “Now”, “Next”, and “Last” series.

Terry V.S., Woodland, WA.

Bill Salus “isms” from: Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed

ps. 83 superpower1. “Far too often, we sweep misunderstood prophecy into the final seven-year Tribulation Period. Though many significant events will manifest during that period, expositors would do well not to make that window of time the catchall closet for misunderstood prophecy.” (pg 14)

2. “The Middle East mayhem that scripture clearly predicted is the present thorn in the world’s side. Terrorism has become the by-product of this conflict, and has extended its ugly embrace deep into the international community. What the world fails to recognize is that divine foreign policy, established ages ago in Genesis 12:3, still exists, fully capable of resolving this most unfortunate form of misbehavior.” (pg 15)

3. “This book identifies a plethora of prophecies regarding the future of today’s Arab-Israeli conflict, that when aligned together, seems to present a clearer picture of its foreseen vonclusion.” (pg 17)

4. “They seek to destroy the Jews, which means they will extract lethal judgment upon themselves. Rather than pity their unenviable plight, it is better to warn them beforehand.” (pg 19)

5. “When diplomacy fails war becomes the only remaining option.” (pg 22)

6. “In the final analysis it will be blatantly clear that the Arabs didn’t want peace with the Jews they wanted peace without the Jews.” (pg 22)

7. “Simply stated, the summation of Netanyahu’s declarations suggests that land-for-peace deals are over. They have run their two-decade course, to no avail. They have proven to be “fruitless” efforts, and Israel no longer possesses the luxury of pursuing the land-for-peace path further.” (pg 25)

8. “What the world is currently witnessing in the theater of the Middle East is the stage being set for the marquee event, whereby the holy name of God features prominently before the international audience. The Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab Spring, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Iranian nuclear concerns, Turkey’s newfound disdain toward Israel, and many other events are but opening acts in God’s grand show.” (pg 38)

9. “With the Holocaust behind them and their ancient enemies before them, they arrive with one eye on the farm and the other on the fight.” (pg 41)

10. “Presently there is little doubt among any nation in the region or the world as to which Middle Eastern nation is most militarily dominant. It is Israel, who has promptly risen to this position of prowess. They have had to ̶ their survival as a nation depended upon their ability to fight off numerous Arab assaults.” (pg 49)

Prophecy Watchers TV: Gary Stearman and Bill Salus Explore Psalm 83

11. “The army of Israel will defeat the Psalm 83 confederacy, and as a result God will fulfill the oath He made in Ezekiel 36:7. The confederacy of Arab nations will be humiliated for their attempt to expire the Jewish race. Historians will record their failed attempts alongside those of Hitler at the time of the Holocaust, and Pharaoh at the time of the Hebrew Exodus out of Egypt.” (pg 51)

12. “God proposes His own compassionate, peaceful sovereign solution to the potential regional problem of the return of the Jews into the Holy Land. He would cause the corridors to be open for the Arabs to leave the land destined to become the Jewish state and return to the lands of their ancestry. In addition, He would resettle the Jews out of the surrounding Arab nations, and bring the Jews back into their homeland Israel. As each ethnic group migrated they would vacate homes and jobs enabling the returning peoples economic opportunities, and in some cases already existing communities to inhabit. It had the makings of a perfect Isralestine plan.” (pg 99)

13. “The present plight of the Palestinians is, in large part, the result of the failed Arab war against Israel, and therefore primarily the responsibility of the surrounding Arab nations. These Arab nations have done little to absorb and assimilate them into their lands, but have done much to use them as pawns against the developing nation of Israel.” (pg 111)

14. “Palestinianism paired with Zionism becomes a recipe for disaster. These two philosophies cannot coexist in the Middle East. Zionism calls for a Jewish state and Palestinianism promotes the denial and ultimate destruction of any such state; indeed, the Arabs have often referred to the Jewish state as a “cancer” in their midst.” (pg 169)

15. “The makings for the coming Middle East War comes down to the ideological clash between Palestinianism versus Zionism.” (pg 169)

16. “…the name Palestine, which Rome implemented in AD 135 was tossed, turned, shrank, and stretched in whichever way the dominant political influence decided at the time of its respective sovereignty.” (pg 116)

17. “It is important to note that God does not levy punishment upon Gentile nations randomly. He judges Edom specifically for their continual assaults against the Jews.” (pg 189) “Their criminal rap sheet spans the scope of time from the Exodus to the present.” (pg 191)

18. “We can arrive at the understanding that this is an assault targeted at God, in that if client nation is exterminated and the name Israel remembered no more, then their covenant-making God, Jehovah, is not a covenant-keeping God, and is therefore nothing more than a promise breaking God.” (pg 202)

19. “In an apparent attempt to avoid the ancient, and still existing berith covenant, (the Abrahamic Covenant), these enemies assembled in an Arab league, form a covenant of their own. They do not intend to amend or supplement the land provision within the Abrahamic Covenant, nor do they seek only to supersede the current covenant operating successfully in the region; rather, by destroying the Jews and erasing the name of Israel forever, they seek to eradicate the entire covenant itself.” (pg 210)
20. “…these nations want to extinguish the Jews, take over their territory, erase the name of Israel forever and thus re-scramble the letters of the Abrahamic Covenant in their favor to create “The Arabic Covenant.”” (pg 211)





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