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Is America headed for desperate times reminiscent of those 1930’s Great Depression years, when soup lines and suicides plagued the land? Has the time indeed arrived for another ancient Egyptian deja vu; whereby seven years of plenty are promptly swallowed up by seven years of severe famine? (Genesis 41:29-32)

Or; could some big surprise event be rapidly rising on the next horizon that promises to fill the dwindling storehouses of this once bountiful nation? Don’t be quickened into despair just yet U.S. of A., financial stability may be headed your way. The nearby fulfillment of a forgotten prophecy packs within it the potential punch to cure all American economic woes.

On October 6, 2008 Donald Trump, one of the international community’s infamous financial gurus, declared on Fox News the root cause of present world wealth worries, even more than the failed Sub-Prime Fannie-Freddie mortgage related banking crisis, is the cost of oil. Presume for a moment that he may be right on target, after all on August 7, 2006, Ali Larijani, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator threatened that his nation would use the dreaded “oil weapon” if sanctions were imposed upon his Islamic nation.

Subsequent to his “fighting words”, sanctions were imposed and as he promised the cost of crude oil prices more than doubled, rising from $60.00 to $137.00 per barrel hitting its high point this past summer. Although the price of oil has recently descended from its recent highs due in part to consumer belt tightening, the OPEC nations have scheduled an upcoming emergency meeting to discuss limiting production in an attempt to send barrel prices soaring up once again.

Has the world, like Mr. Trump, had enough? Could it be time to bid final farewell to the OPEC oil cartel? According to a long overlooked Bible prophecy regarding the descendants of Ishmael and a consortia of their modern day black gold terrorist beneficiaries, it appears so.

Psalm 83 foretells the time to soon come whereby ancient Izzy’s Saudi offspring make the grave mistake of enjoining the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syrians and more in a last ditch effort to destroy the modern day Jewish State, “that the name Israel be remembered no more”. (Psalm 83:4)

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