Dr. David Hocking & Jacob Prasch – Discuss Israel’s Present Travails

on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by

Two Messianic Jews graft in our Gentile host on this edition of PROPHECY UPDATE RADIO. Dr. David Hocking with Hope For Today Ministries (left) and Jacob Prasch of Moriel Minitries. (right) sit with our host Bill Salus and tackle the tough questions facing Israel today.

Several powerful topics like those listed below are discussed:

*Are these the LAST DAYS?
*What does the Bible mean by THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE?
*What are the most PRESSING THREATS facing Israel today?
*What are the PROPHETIC IMPLICATIONS of these threats?
*Why are more JEWS COMING TO JESUS in these end times?
*How can Christians EFFECTIVELY WITNESS to their Jewish Friends

Listen as Bill Interviews David Hocking and Jacob Prasch.


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