#1 Christian Post “Revelation Road” Are Christians Living in the Last Days?

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Revelation Road, Hope Beyond The HorizonChristian Post reporter Stoyan Zaimov writes, “Bill Salus, an author, researcher and lecturer who focuses on the prophetic relevance of current Middle East and world events, claims that the Rapture will occur soon – and that Christians today might even be living in the last days. Among the plethora of end times views that have emerged, there are many different beliefs on when the Rapture will happen, when Jesus will return, and how the prophecies written in the Book of Revelation might unfold.”

The No.#1 post in the entertainment section of the Christian Post on February 8, 2012 features a brand new book called Revelation Road, Hope Beyond the Horizon. This fascinating article is based upon an author interview between the Christian Post and Bill Salus, and is entitled Revelation Road: Are Christians Living in the Last Days?

This featured Christian Post interview contains author comments on:

1. The end times and how to prepare for them.
2. 2012; and the end of the long-count Mayan Calendar.
3. The Rapture, will it occur in this generation?
4. Do the signs of the times indicate this is the final generation?
5. How should Christians treat Rapture timing predictions by Harold Camping and others?


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(i) Quote from the Internet site called Christian Faith and was accessed on 2/8/12 at this link


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