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The Coming Global TransformationIs it the Twilight Zone, or are we living in the last days. Lately, the headlines have been reading more like an Orson Welles fiction thriller, than the blasé tabloid gossip, or the ho-hum less than investigative mainstream media news. For example;

• “Vatican: It’s OK for Catholics to Believe in Aliens.”(i)
• “Possible ‘Mile-Wide UFO’ Spotted by British Airline Pilot.”(ii)
• “Israeli Defense Minister says 2012 is the year of the fight against the Iranian nuclear program.”(iii)

It appears that these headlines suggest that the last days global transformation draws near. If so, mankind should brace for a cashless society, universal religion, and political despot called the Antichrist. Is the Church Age of grace about to be overtaken by supernatural satanic signs, and lying wonders?

ET’s, Mary Apparitions, Middle East wars, and wide-scale cataclysmic disasters are about to become commonplace; at least that’s what Bible prophecy expert Jim Tetlow warns in a powerful three-part Prophecy Update Radio interview with Bill Salus.

Tom Horn forewarns about this impending period of deception in his book Petrus Romanus, which is soon to be released, and presently setting pre-order records on Amazon. Another eschatologist, LA Marzulli, details this epoch in his new book, The Cosmic Chess Match.

These top scholars all say that ancient Hebrew prophets predicted thousands of years ago that Satan, and his fallen angels would implement a deceptive end times campaign intended to hoodwink humankind. This devilish crusade seemingly incorporates extra-terrestrials working alongside a demonic divine feminine figure called the Lady of Kingdoms according to Isaiah 47:5. Some scholars believe that this last days Jezebel has been masquerading as the “Blessed Virgin Mary” in apparitional form for centuries.

Jim Tetlow has just released a timely audio drama that comes complete with twenty-one scenes of biblically sound scenarios that will bring tears to your eyes, and shivers to your soul. The Coming Global Transformation, which incorporates actual news stories, alerts you to what many end times experts are sounding the alarm about; satanic deception in the last days.

In this fascinating 3-part Prophecy Update Radio show, host Bill Salus interviews his friend Jim Tetlow about the Bible prophecies currently paving the way for the coming global transformation. Important behind the scenes discussions that Jim and Bill have shared privately together that reveals controversial new prophetic insights, are brought to light on this show.

Bill and Jim tackle tough prophetic questions like;

• How will the world explain away the Rapture?

• Is there a time-gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation?

• What is the Lie that the world grapples with after the Church is Raptured?

• Who is the harlot of Revelation 17?

• What is the role of the Vatican, Pope, Eucharist, and Mary Apparitions in the end times?

• Will ET’s fit into an End Times scenario?

• Where will Israel bury the hordes of the dead contaminated soldiers in the aftermath of Ezekiel 38 & 39? (Gog of Magog invasion)

• Where is the future city of Hamonah in the Valley of Hamon Gog going to be?

• Will Israel annex more Arab lands after their IDF victory in Psalm 83?

Jim Tetlow is the author of Queen of All, and producer of the video Messages from Heaven. Jim is also a guest host on the To Every Man an Answer radio show on CSN. Jim Tetlow and Brad Myers have produced an audio drama called The Coming Global Transformation that Bill whole-heartedly endorses.

The Coming Global Transformation ranks atop the list of the most prophetic works for our times.” Bill Salus

Part One – Listen Now

Part Two – Listen Now

Part Three – Listen Now

Find out more about “The Coming Global Transformation” MP3 here.
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