Operation Wakeup Call – THE PROPHECIES ARE COMING!

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vid 13Whoever came up with the idea that people should wake up each morning to the frightening sound of an “alarm clock?” That annoying intermittent buzzing sound raises our anxiety level before we set foot out of bed. It suggests that the new day is something to be alarmed about.

Fortunately, some alarm clocks greet us with soothing music, which is much more inviting but, why the name; alarm clock? Why not alert clock, or better yet, wake up clock? Even the hotels offer wakeup calls. How disconcerting it would be if they were labeled alarm calls.

The dawn of each new day presents us with new hopes and possibilities. The ancient Hebrew prophet Jeremiah says, “Through the LORD’S mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.’ (Lamentations 3:22-23, nkjv)

Current world circumstances indicate that we now live in a time when the earth’s clock has been set for a supernatural wake up call. Don’t be alarmed, but be alert. Powerful prophetic events are about to occur that will change the course of the world’s future forever. These events were foretold in ages past, and upon their fulfillment they are intended to introduce you to the One True God. Are you ready for the dawning of the new day?

The remainder of this article is formatted in two parts. The next section issues what I believe is a timely word from the Lord concerning His disposition about the current heart of humanity and its correlation to chaotic world conditions. The last segment provides a basic biblical and geopolitical explanation for this relevant word from the Lord.

Section 1: The Word

The anger of the Lord is aroused. His marvelous works are being met with the harshest resistance. Without just cause, the afflicted are affected, and many now find their hope and trust in the Lord. Through their distresses they have become acquainted with the Son of God. The battle zone has become His harvest field, but now the battle field has been made ready for the wars to come. THE PROPHECIES ARE COMING!

What’s next; how will the world learn about the Holy One of Israel? Human hearts have become hardened; deception has blinded international eyes to enormous suffering, but the Lord has not turned a deaf ear to the cries of the needy. He has heard their pleadings, traveled to their hostile lands, and joined them in their weeping. He has left His unmistakable mark wherever He has been, and there is nowhere He will not go to meet them in the time and place of their need.

Through means unimaginable; miracles, healings, dreams, visions, and more, the hopeless have been delivered through their distresses. But how, will the world asleep awaken to such great love? The people unsuspecting will experience His Holy Word in Action!

Some of the ancient prophecies have been preserved for our time. At this right time they have been revealed. The time of their fulfillment has come and through them the people’s attention will be attained. No longer will they have excuse to look the other way. The prophecies are powerful and will testify of the One True God!

Section 2: The Explanation

Presently the anger of the Lord is aroused. According to an ancient biblical prophecy concerning what appears to have been specifically addressed to the modern day nation of Iran, the rogue Islamic leadership of the country has fiercely angered the Lord. Jeremiah 49:37, written around 596 B.C., clearly predicts that a disaster will occur in Iran as a result of the Lord’s angered disposition. For several reasons pointed out in my book entitled, Nuclear Showdown in Iran, Revealing the Ancient Prophecy of Elam, the timing of Jeremiah’s prediction about the angering of the Lord appears to be now.

The present repressive Islamic Iranian regime, which has vowed to wipe Israel off of the map, has vehemently upset the Lord. We can determine this in part from Jeremiah 49:38, which informs us that the Lord eliminates the leadership presiding over Iran at the time of His fierce anger. The premise is that the Lord would not destroy good leadership, thus it must be bad leadership that’s the problem.

Jeremiah 49:35 clues us into the primary reason the bad government needs to be removed. This verse informs that this regime wants to launch something, most likely nuclear, somewhere. That somewhere is probably Israel, although that is not specified by the prophet.

Herein exists the problem for Iran, the Lord plans to uphold His holy name through His people Israel as per Ezekiel 39:7, but Iran’s rulers want to wipe Israel off of the map. Thus, the Lord’s beneficial plan for mankind is under threat. No Israel, no fulfillment of Ezekiel 39:7.

His marvelous works are being met with the harshest resistance. Multitudes in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world are coming to know the one true God through miracles, healings, visions and dreams. The Lord is personally going into places even many missionaries scarcely go.

This evidences two things. First, God so loves the world and wishes that none would perish, that He, of His own accord through supernatural means, is gathering many into His heavenly household. Second, this supernatural outpouring of God’s doings suggests that the end of time must be drawing near.

ISIS and the rogue regime of Iran are examples of the satanic effort to repress God’s marvelous miracles. ISIS is greeting God’s great infectious love by beheading Christians and Iran is imprisoning pastors and persecuting all Christians. The Middle East has become a spiritual battleground, and Christians, old and new to the faith, are caught in the crossfire.

Human hearts have become hardened; deception has blinded international eyes to enormous suffering. The spiritual warfare is playing out to an apathetic world audience. Satan has most of mankind blinded to the supernatural spreading of God’s love in the most afflicted areas of the world. The devil is subtly singing lullabies to a large portion of the Christian church that thinks God is done with the Jews, and that the Church needs to become more conformed to the world rather than transformed apart from it by God’s holy word.

The people unsuspecting will experience His Holy Word in Action! John 1:14 tells us that the word, became flesh and dwelt amongst us. This was fulfilled by Jesus Christ, also known as the Word of God, at His first coming. (John 1:1) The word of God is about to find application again. The next time it does, it will be through the fulfillment of Bible prophecies. ISIS and Iran, just to spotlight a few problematic issues, appear to be involved in the biblical prophecies described in Jeremiah 49:34-39, Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38. Iran is in Jeremiah 49 as Elam, and Ezekiel 38 as Persia. ISIS may be identified in Psalm 83 as ancient Assyria. Presently, the swaths of territory controlled by ISIS represents the land possessed by Assyria at the time the Psalm was written.
All of these prophecies are described in my Psalm 83, the Missing Prophecy Revealed book and the Nuclear Showdown book mentioned above. These prophecies involve massive wars in the Middle East. The shocking repercussions of these wars will be felt throughout the entire world. Once they find their soon and sequential fulfillments, the world will never be the same again. They will evidence that the end of this world as we know it, is going to occur shortly thereafter.

No longer will they look the other way. The prophecies are powerful and will testify of the One True God! According to Isaiah 46:9-10, Bible prophecies authenticate the sovereignty of God. Only He can declare the future as if it had already become history. This is impressive; however why does the Lord really present us with knowledge of the future? I am convinced that it is because when the word of God finds prophetic real time application, it awakens us to the reality that there is only one true God.

Moreover, it declares God’s great love to us. The Lord wants us to know what world changing events are coming, so that we can prepare for them. Most importantly, our natural response from receiving this invaluable prophetic information is to be gratefully responsive to God, the giver of this timely information. The word of God finding application through fulfilled Bible prophecies gives us the wakeup call we need to realize that He loves and cares for us.

This is what I believe is God’s greatest purpose for issuing ancient prophecies that are poised to find fulfillment in our time. He wants us to realize how much He loves us.
Many nights over the past few years I have feverishly prayed and asked the Lord, “How long, oh Lord, will you allow the enemies of Israel to continually curse Israel?” The answer was “What part of I’m a long-suffering God do you not understand.”

I came to realize that the Lord was busy in the spiritual battlefield redeeming the lost through supernatural means. He was accomplishing the desires of His heart that none would perish. The proof of this is declared through the millions of testimonies of new Christians. Most of these formerly lost souls live in the world’s most oppressive locations and have primarily come to a saving faith in Christ, through supernatural doings. The fingerprints of the Lord are all over these conversions.

bookdvdHowever, lately my prayers along these lines are not as calming. The prophecies are coming; they cannot be withheld forever, lest the word of God be rendered null and void. My concern now, is that the world is about to awake to the fulfillment of a prophecy, perhaps prophecies, plural. When they occur, remember that they inherently speak to us about God’s love for mankind.

Don’t be alarmed, but certainly be alert, because humanity at large is living unaware of the Lord’s love for it. I sincerely believe that is about to change. I believe the time for “Operation Wake Up Call” has now come.


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