The Tribulation Timelines of The LAST Prophecies book by Bill Salus

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The LAST Prophecies – The Prophecies in the First 3 1/2 Years of the Tribulation is book three in the end time series. Book one was The NOW Prophecies, which are the predictions that lack preconditions and could happen at the present time. Book two was The NEXT Prophecies, which have some minor preconditions that prevent them from happening presently.

Below are some images included in The LAST Prophecies book that display the timeline of events that occur within the Seven-Year Tribulation Period.

_____________THE FIRST HALF__________________________
1st half seals

_____________THE MIDPOINT___________________________


____________THE SECOND HALF_________________________

2nd half

________THE SEVENTY-FIVE DAY INTERVAL_________________

75 Day


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