Apocalypse Road: The Companion’s Commentary

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Below is the Table of Contents for the Companion’s Commentary of the Apocalypse Road book. (Read the introduction to the Companion’s Commentary below the Table of Contents).

AR CCContents – Companion’s Commentary
Introduction to The Companion’s Commentary

Chapter 1. The Message Left Behind …
Topics Covered: What is the Post-Rapture / Pre-Tribulation Gap Period?
How Long is the Post-Rapture / Pre-trib Gap Period?
Why the Gap Period Takes Time?
Identifying the Final Generation
The Post Rapture People Categories
Why Should a Believer Care About Those Left Behind?

Chapter 2. Rabbis Warn of the Future Russian Invasion …
Topics Covered: Ezekiel 38: The Ezekiel 38 Battle Belongs to the Lord
Ezekiel 38: The Glory Belongs to the Lord
Is Ezekiel 38 a Church Age Prophecy?
Topics related to the Timing of Ezekiel 38
Israel Becomes Religious after Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38

Chapter 3. The European Union Consoles Israel …
Topics Covered: The EU and the Revived Roman Empire
The Coming Greater, Safer and Wealthier Israel
Russia’s evil plan against Israel in Ezekiel 38:10
The Decline of the USA and UK
The Biblical Indictment of America

Chapter 4. The EU Condemnation and Vatican Consecration of Russia …
Topic Covered: The Four Final Religions of the Last Days

Chapter 5. 144,000 Jewish Evangelists …
Topics Covered: People Get Saved After the Rapture
Is Receiving Christ a Now or Never Proposition Before the Rapture?

Chapter 6. Hooked in the Jaws – Russia Covets Israeli Contracts with the West …
Topics Covered: The Role of the USA and UK in Ezekiel 38

Chapter 7. Jews Flee Israel as the Russian Invasion Begins …
Topics Covered: The Gog of Magog Invasion from the Israeli Perspective
Does the Israel of Ezekiel 38 Exist Now?
What are the conditions in Israel before the Gog of Magog invasion?
The Mysterious Message Concealed in the Names of the 144,000 Witnesses
Are the 144,000 Witnesses Virgins?

Chapter 8. The Antichrist and the Coming Global Religion …

Chapter 9. The Collapse of the Russian Coalition …
Topics Covered: What are the conditions in Israel during the Ezekiel 38 invasion?
What are the conditions in Israel in the aftermath of Ezekiel 38?

Chapter 10. Letter to the Saints Left Behind …

Chapter 11. The Queen of Heaven Appears Globally …
Topics Covered: Is the Catholic “Virgin Mary” the Mary of the Bible?
Will there be more apparitions of Mary to come?
What is the End Game of the Marian Apparitions?
Will Future Apparitions of Mary Create the World Religion
of Revelation 17?
The Marian Apparitions Connection with Ezekiel 38

Chapter 12. The Harlot Rides the Beast to Peace and Prosperity …
Topics Covered: The Supremacy of the Eucharist from the Catholic Perspective

Chapter 13. Israel Cleanses the Holy Land …
Topics Covered: Is the Valley of Hamon Gog in Jordan?
Did Jesus Instruct Jews to Flee from The Antichrist into Jordan?

Chapter 14. Doomsday Conference Erupts Into Deadly Chaos …
Topics Covered: Who is the Woman Drunk with the Blood of the Saints?
Why Did the Apostle John Marvel at the Harlot?
What is the Blood of the Saints?

Chapter 15. Jews Return Home as Rumors of Nuclear Wars Abound …
Topics Covered: Jews Continue to Return to Israel
Brief Storyline Overview

Chapter 16. The Vatican Global Council Meeting …
Topics Covered: The Problems with Vatican Council Meetings
The Importance of the Zeitoun Marian Apparition
The Future Pope Receives Unprecedented Power

Chapter 17. Millions Witness Eucharistic Miracles from Rome …
Topics Covered: Past Eucharistic Miracles Encourage That More Will Follow
The Blessed Mother’s Obsession with Russia and World Peace

Chapter 18. Two Witnesses Prepare for the Tribulational Period …
Topics Covered: Who Are the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11?
The Two Witnesses Are the Lord’s Rebuttal to The False Covenant

Chapter 19. The Encounter between Satan and his Seed …
Topics Covered: Introduction to the Antichrist

Appendix 1. The Sinners Salvation Prayer
Appendix 2. The Tribulation Saints
Appendix 3. The Seven Letters to the Churches
Appendix 4. The Marian Apparitions Connection with Ezekiel 38

Introduction to The Companion’s Commentary

Welcome to the commentary section of the book. As stated in the introduction, this segment provides “biblical believability” to the adventurous scenarios depicted in the novel. It’s designed to enhance the fiction section, but has been conveniently positioned behind the novel for those who choose to read it independently. This dual format was selected to cater to both fiction and non-fiction audiences.

Maximum enjoyment and enrichment can be achieved by reading both the novel and the commentary together. This can be accomplished through either a chapter-by-chapter, or section-by-section, review of the book. Some might prefer to breeze through the novel before reading the supporting commentary. Others may seek to study the prophecies as they unfold one chapter at a time, by flipping back and forth between the novel and the corresponding commentary.

Throughout man’s history a multitude of masterpiece manuscripts have been written. Many of them were based on true stories. Whereas those were inspired by people and events of the past, this story could easily become based upon the true accounts of someone in the future. This is entirely possible because, even though the characters are made up, their last days life struggles are realistic.
Certainly, we know from Revelation 19:10 that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy, and thus we confidently conclude that the Bible is based upon his story. However, as the powerful scenarios depicted inside Apocalypse Road unfold, they will undoubtedly serve to shape numerous additional autobiographies.

The question is, whose? Who will become the wiser for the reading? The world is about to undergo a significant period of unprecedented tribulation. Who will discern the times and heed the signs? Who among you will rise to the occasion and shine forth in the last days like a beacon of light in a dark world?

Some of the episodes explored in this commentary section deal with predicted events that the author believes could happen during the Post-Rapture / Pre-Tribulation gap period. Since the Rapture is an imminent event, this means they could happen before, during, or shortly after you read this book, but probably sometime within your generation.

The author is not making this statement because he claims to be a prophet, but because the world stage is set for the near-fulfillment of the primary prophecies described inside Apocalypse Road. That’s right; the stage appears to be set up for dozens of prophecies to find near-fulfillment. This is a daunting possibility qualified by the fact that every weapon is fashioned, technology developed, empire-revived, and confederate-alliance-formed, enabling all of the end time’s prophecies to be fulfilled.

Prophecies were issued through the ancient Hebrew prophets in both near and far formats. The near prophecies had to be fulfilled during the prophet’s lifetime. Upon fulfillment of a near prophecy, the person earned the right to be identified as a true prophet, verses a false prophet. False prophets presented misleading information that often led to idol worship or loss of life. As such, they were punished by death.

The fulfillment of a near prophecy authenticated the prophet, and accredited all of his or her far prophecies. The logic was, if the prophecy occurred exactly as foretold during the person’s lifetime, then all the prophet’s future predictions could also be counted on to be fulfilled exactly.

Although the prophecies in the Companion’s Commentary were far off prophecies when written centuries ago, they are rapidly approaching their near future fulfillment. Only those once far, but now near, prophecies that the author believes are soon forth-coming, are identified in this book and the first book of this series called, Revelation Road. Each “Road” series book picks up where the previous left off. Ultimately, the series intends to identify chronologically the prophecies scheduled to occur between now and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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